Cosmark Int’l Inc.

Cosmark Int’l. Inc., is a full-service, sales, marketing and distribution company that provides turnkey solutions to international principals, manufacturers or suppliers looking to commercially distribute their beauty and personal care products in the Philippines. The company also sources brands from abroad for distribution to neighboring countries.

Its product categories for the Philippines have been strategically diversified into haircare and skin care. The company is consistently expanding its product portfolio to include a more complete line of clean beauty.

Each brand is carefully assessed by the company’s market research & development team based on the potential brand’s product mix, pricing, and distribution strategy before it becomes part of Cosmark’s brand portfolio. The company’s strategy is to market and distribute products that have a unique appeal to consumers and offer exceptional value. With its dedication to deliver quality products, Cosmark seeks to earn an excellent rapport and a good reputation among its clientele and international principals.


Clean Beauty in Haircare:


A pioneer in clean and natural hair care, Cosmark was the first company to bring sulfate FREE and paraben FREE hair care to the Philippines back in 2008. It has the widest variety of clean and natural hair care in the market today.


Get perfectly hydrated skin with clean beauty:


We are preparing to bring you something awesome in clean skincare soon. Exciting products are in the works.


Your body deserves the
best organic nourishment




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We will be a vital source of beauty and personal care brands of high quality and value.

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